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The 8 most anticipated horror games for 2024

Survival horror, unspeakable evil, creepy children and Pyramid Head. We like our halloween terror all year round.
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It’s halloween. You’ve spent the weekend wearing greasy black and white makeup that won’t wash off. You laughed at that tasteless costume your friend wore that will get him cancelled if those pics end up on social media. You’ve watched Halloween 3: Season of the Witch because it’s the best one. And you’ve been left a little jittery playing weird horror thriller Alan Wake 2.

But just as eggnog isn’t only a Christmas drink, horror isn’t just for halloween. We like the bejesus scared out of us on a regular basis, exorcising our own existential dread through cheap jump scares. Looking forward to next year, because lordy, 2023 has been awful, we can see plenty of escapism and entrails. Here then, are our most anticipated horror games for 2024.

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