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Every Bethesda Game Studios RPG ranked from worst to best

Which Bethesda Game Studios RPG is the very best, and which is the very worst? Find out right here
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Bethesda RPGs have become some of the most hyped and beloved games ever made. Love them or hate them, it’s a fact: Skyrim was a phenomenon, and it was tough to find anyone in the Xbox 360 and PS3 days that didn’t have something good to say about either The Elder Scrolls or Fallout.

Bethesda Game Studios was founded in 2001 after being split off from Bethesda Softworks, the latter of which has become a dedicated publisher. That means this list doesn’t include early Bethesda titles, like The Elder Scrolls: Arena or Daggerfall, but we’re ranking every RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind onwards. We’re also skipping over Fallout: New Vegas, as that was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, along with definitive editions and VR versions.

For a dose of nostalgia and perhaps even a burst of rage, take a look through our ranking of every Bethesda Games Studios RPG.