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FF7 Rebirth update 1.020 patch notes: Performance mode settings added

You may now choose between “Sharp” and “Smooth” options
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Square Enix has released a patch for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth on PS5, which addressed a few bugs as well as visual and performance issues.

Update 1.020 added “Sharp” and “Smooth” options to the JRPG’s Performance mode, which should improve players’ visual experience. As is quite often the case with very minor graphics changes, users seem to be split on their actual effectiveness – some early user reports claim that textures have been improved in the “Sharp” setting, while others find the title to look better thanks to the “Smooth” setting. As always, such observations are quite subjective.

FF7 Rebirth's Aerith during the Gold Saucer date scene, her face lit up by the fireworks going off outside the Ferris wheel car

Performance mode isn't exactly burning visual fireworks still, but should look better now.

What’s important is that everyone seems to agree that there have been visual improvements in Performance mode, even though they are small. Plus, the game appears to be running more smoothly as well, which is a neat bonus.

Visual changes aside, Square Enix improved the gliding controls and mini-game camera, which were two points of great frustration for many players.

You can find the full FF7 Rebirth update 1.020 patch notes below.

FF7 Rebirth update 1.020 patch notes

  • Fixes to missing or incorrect characters in some parts of the game text.
  • Fixes to player character bugs that occur in field areas under certain conditions.
  • Fixes to Red XIII’s abilities “Supernal Fervor” and “Watcher's Spirit” in battle, as these were easily cancelled.
  • Fixes to bugs occurring in battle under specific conditions that would cause enemies to freeze.
  • Fixes to bugs triggered by specific conditions that affect progress through quests.
  • Improvements to frame rate and overall game stability.
  • Addition of a “sharp” or “smooth” option for graphical output in Performance Mode.
  • Improvements to graphical quality.
  • Reflected reversed camera controls while controlling a gliding sky chocobo.
  • Reflected reversed camera controls in the sharpshooting minigame.
  • Emphasised the path along the climbable vines in the Mythril Mine.
  • Added difficulty selection to the customisation screen of the minigames Fort Condor and Gears and Gambits.