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A closer look at Immortals of Aveum's magical weapons, the Sigils

A breakdown of how mages in Immortals of Aveum do battle with magical Sigils
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Immortals of Aveum is a first-person shooter with a twist: instead of guns and bullets, you’ll be equipping ancient Sigils on your wrist in order to access magical projectile weapons. Protagonist Jak is a special kind of mage, a Triarch Magnus, and he has access to all three Sigil colors: Blue, Red, and Green.

Each Sigil is adept at a certain kind of magic: Blue magic is precise and exact, Red magic is harder to handle and explosive at close range, while spiritual Green magic is rapid, allowing you to let loose dozens of magical projectiles in quick succession.

Many shooters craft lovingly realistic and detailed models of modern weaponry, but Immortals of Aveum’s fantasy setting allows the team to put that same care and attention into far more fantastical tools. You can get a closer look at each Sigil in our video showcasing them.

immortals of aveum sigil glhf (3)

Blue Sigils are precisely crafted, like a surgical instrument. Red magic’s explosive nature is represented in the Sigil, which has harsh and jagged, with uneven red stones jutting out from the center of the device. Finally, the spiritual nature of Green magic makes the Sigil look more organic, almost like it grew into place.

Each Sigil is made up of a base, a bezel, and a tip. The base attaches the Sigil to the Sigil Plate on the forearm of the mage. The bezel holds the crystal that channels the type of magic you’re using. Finally, that tip at the end will focus and direct those magical attacks at your enemies.

Check out the video above for an exclusive teardown of the devices.