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The Super Bowl is almost here and it’s time to predict a winner. The Madden NFL 23 video game has a useful simulator that allows us to run 100 simulated games between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles to predict the winners. From the 100 simulated games, there were many possibilities of which team would win a championship this year, some games being close, and others being blowouts.

Out of the 100 simulated games, Madden simulated the Chiefs winning 57 games, leaving the Eagles to win 43. Right off the bat, the Chiefs already have a higher chance to win, and a lot has to do with Patrick Mahomes. The most notable prediction for the Chiefs' QB is that he will throw for at least one touchdown pass and have at least 200 passing yards. The only outlier was game number 13 where Mahomes only threw for 196 yards, but three touchdowns.

Out of the 57 wins for Kansas City, 27 of the games would be the Chiefs winning by 10 or more points. That leaves 30 of the games to be decided by less than 10 points. A key factor we saw was that in the first 65 games the Chiefs would score first, leaving eight games in which, when the Chiefs scored first, they lost.

Patrick Mahomes’ best game was game number 18, where he would throw for 575 yards, four touchdown passes. However, the score for that game ended up being 48-45 in favor of the Chiefs. 

Only four of the 100 games went into overtime, which is probably a good probability when predicting the Super Bowl outcome, but out of the four games that went into overtime, the Chiefs would win all of them. 

Patrick Mahomes in Madden NFL 23.

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