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Pikmin is Shigeru Miyamoto’s own action-RTS hybrid, and it includes some hybrid creatures of its own: the titular Pikmin. Pikmin are plant-ant combinations that can be raised and commanded to help struggling spacefarers find what they need in order to get home.

Each game has introduced a few new Pikmin types, and each game has also changed the abilities of the included Pikmin. There are a few things that have always remained constant, but the fact is that the spread of Pikmin abilities has changed multiple times.

In this list we’re ranking each of the new Pikmin types based on their unique abilities throughout the series. They might’ve lost a few of their talents over time, but that doesn’t matter for our purposes here: these Pikmin are objectively the most useful overall.

Just read below for our Pikmin ranking which starts at the best, and ends at the worst.