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Steam Next Fest demos: three metroidvania demos you need to play

These three metroidvania games could be the next big things in the genre

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Steam Next Fest. This is an annual event where developers from around the world all upload demos of their upcoming games to Steam for everyone to enjoy. There are dozens of games with demos available, from just about every genre under the sun.

We thought we’d check out the platformer section, and more specifically the metroidvania tag, since indies have been doing some really wonderful things in the genre in recent years that bigger publishers are only just catching up on with games like Metroid Dread and Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. What we discovered was a huge amount of metroidvanias, and while many of them are good, we had to narrow it down somehow.

Of the few dozen metroidvania games with demos at Steam Next Fest, we’ve picked out three standout demos that you absolutely need to check out before Steam Next Fest ends on February 12, 2024.