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Riot outlines League of Legends Skarner VGU kit

He’s finally coming back – and with a big revamp
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League of Legends’ Skarner rework is just over the horizon, with a total visual and gameplay overhaul for the multiplayer game’s champion. Skarner will re-emerge from the rift in LoL patch 14.7, set to go live on April 3, 2024, with his modernized skill set that includes some handy buffs and debuffs.

First up is Skarner’s passive, Threads of Vibration, which adds a quake effect to his Q and R skills. Enemies with three quake stacks regularly take damage of an amount that scales based on max HP.

Speaking of Skarner’s reworked Q, the new version is called Shattered Earth and Upheaval, and it’s a multi-part ability. Skarner initially yanks a rock from the ground and gets damage, range, and speed buffs for his next three attacks. The third attack sees him slam the rock into his target opponent, which deals heavy damage and slows them for a short time. Skarner can re-use Upheaval to throw the rock as a projectile on the first hit, which will end the effect early, but apply the same damage and slow debuff as the third strike.

His W, Seismic Bastion, slams a shield into the ground that creates a damaging shockwave, which also slows affected enemies, and his E is a charge attack where Skarner grabs a nearby foe and runs away with them. He’ll smack them into any obstacle he runs across.

Finally is Skarner’s R skill, Impale. Skarner spikes up to three enemy champions and suppresses them, and he gets a speedy little movement boost while he drags them along for the ride.

All this is just a small part of Riot’s plan for League of Legends in 2024, with other pieces including ranked improvements and a second season of Arcane, the hit LoL anime adaptation.