Animal Well: how to easily fill the M Disc Shrine

The best route to reach the M Disc Shrine and beat the Cat Ghost in Animal Well
M Disc Shrine
M Disc Shrine / Bigmode

The M Disc Shrine is one of Animal Well’s tougher puzzles, not because it’s mentally taxing, but because it requires quick platforming, as well as remembering an item you likely finished with very early on in the game. We’ll explain how to activate the shrine, which you need to get one of the four flames to beat the game, and the best route to take to avoid the annoying cat ghost.

How to use the M Disc Shrine in Animal Well

Animal Well Cat Ghost
Cat Ghost / Bigmode

The M Disc Shrine requires the Mock Disc. You will have used this earlier to be able to take the real Disc without spawning the cat ghost, but it’s time to combat it once more. You’ll need a couple of different tools in order to complete this run, including the Slinky and the Flute so you can fast travel. Check out our guide on how to fast travel in Animal Well if you need to know more.

Go to the cat room and take the Mock Disc to trigger the ghost, then use the teleport code on the flute to quickly transport yourself to the fast travel room. From there, hop into the opening nearest to the Shrine.

Animal Well M Disc Shrine route
The red line shows the route you should take from the fast travel point to the Shrine / Bigmode

Once three you need to head back to the Shrine without being caught. From the fast travel point, you must go through the rooms in the following order:

  • Right
  • Right
  • Right
  • Up
  • Right
  • Down through the middle trapdoor
  • Flip the switch and head back up into the room you just left
  • Right

Interact with the Shrine, the ghost will disappear, and the door to the flame will open. We recommend attempting the run a couple of times before triggering the ghost, so you have a good idea of what you need to do quickly once the pressure is on.

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