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Armored Core 6: How to Destroy the C-Weapon ICE WORM

Best weapon and build for taking down the Ice Worm in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon
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Some of Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon’s bosses are tough, not just because they’re swift and have strong attacks, but some are just huge and borderline invincible – case in point, the ICE WORM. I’ll stop capitalizing that now.

The Ice Worm is one of the PCA’s toughest C-Weapons, and taking it down actually requires a specific weapon, in addition to a fair bit of old-fashioned teamwork. In this guide we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know to clear the Destroy the Ice Worm mission in Armored Core 6.

Best Ice Worm boss build – AC6

armored core 6 ice worm glhf (2)

You can copy the build depicted in the picture above for a decent chance at taking down the Ice Worm, but the most important asset by far is the Stun Needle Launcher VE-60SNA.

armored core 6 ice worm glhf (4)

 This is specifically described as an “Anti-Ice Worm weapon” and is necessary in order to take down the Ice Worm. This Right Shoulder AC part will be added to your inventory once you accept this mission, so you should alter your assembly before sortie.

armored core 6 ice worm glhf (3)

The Stun Needle Launcher takes a second to fire, and you will only be able to deal damage to the Ice Worm by aiming at its head, where the grinding gears are exposed. This will take down the Ice Worm’s Coral shields, and make it vulnerable to a powerful long-range strike from V.IV Rusty.

armored core 6 ice worm glhf (1)

Once V.IV Rusty has damaged the Ice Worm sufficiently, it will lay staggered on the ground, at which point you will have to unload all of your guns into its head. The sides of the worm are indestructible, so to take the worm down, you need to be in front of it, and get a really good shot. The best opportunities usually come when the Ice Worm slams down onto the ground.