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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora: Finding Home map quest guide

How to find the photo location in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora's Finding Home quest

In your many adventures around the world of Pandora, you may find a computer terminal at one of the abandoned labs that sets you off on a hunt. This quest, called “Finding Home – Part 1” is one of the trickier quests in the game, as it’s one of the few that doesn’t give you a quest marker to tell you where to go.

Instead, you’ll be given a small image in your quest list and you have to find the location it describes with minimal hints. We’ll show you where to find the location in the Finding Home map and how to finish the quest.

Finding Home map location – Avatar FOP

Avatar Finding Home quest

This small image is all you get to work out the location.

As you can see in the quest description, the image depicts a large tree by a body of water with many floating islands in the background. The mission’s clues helpfully inform you that it was taken in the Shadow Wood, somewhere in the Tangled Stream region.

Zooming out on your map will show you where the Shadow Wood is, but you can find it on the west side of the floating islands in Kinglor Forest. The tangled stream is a series of rivers that wrap around the land in this area, so it’s a large area to search, We found the location on the north side of the middle island, facing east. 

You can see the location on the map below:

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Finding Home map location

The location is where the green marker is, make sure to face east.

Note that you might have to destroy the nearby RDA base to the south to clear the area of pollution before you can continue.

Once you’re there and facing the right way, you’ll automatically trigger the next part of the quest. Activate your Na’vi senses and you’ll be able to see a quest marker through the trees. Investigate and you’ll find a small research station that you’ll need to crouch to get inside – Na’vi are tall, remember.

Inside is a comic book on the table. Pick it up for a short chat with Prya and the quest will be completed.