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Best Baldur’s Gate 3 mods you need to use

If you want to get even more out of Baldur's Gate 3, then you should try installing these BG3 mods

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a huge game. It’s detailed, it’s deep, it’s complex, and it can be incredibly confusing if you’re a brand-new player. But as long as you’re on PC, you can do a variety of things to make engagements much easier for you. Case in point: have you thought about modding the game?

The mods in this list offer a variety of difficulty modifiers and improvements. You can use these to make the game much easier, more difficult, or just incredibly goofy. Ever considered having 16 party members? Even if you haven’t you can start now with the mods in this list.

All of the mods included here can be found on the BG3 NexusMods page, and we definitely do not take responsibility for any chaos that may occur with your game or PC from installing these mods. Only mod your game if you know what you’re doing!