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Next Dead By Daylight chapter adds the Unknown as new killer

Oh no, it's the (other) Unknown

Dead By Daylight Chapter 31 is here, with a new map, a fresh survivor, and The Unknown as the horror game’s next killer. Chapter 31 follows the Alan Wake 2 chapter and puts the focus firmly back on Dead by Daylight lore, as horror conspiracy theorist Sable Ward finds herself transported through the Fog – along with the Greenville demon known only as The Unknown.

The Unknown’s debut coincides perfectly with the Glasgow Wonka Experience and its Unknown, a masked candy maker who lives in walls and terrifies children, for reasons. It’s not the same Unknown, though.

Dead By Daylight’s Unknown is literally an unknown. No one knows what it looks like, where it comes from, or what it wants, aside from the obvious – killing people. What that translates to in DBD terms is a spine-tingling set of killer features. The Unknown leaves hallucinations behind that survivors can only clear if they stare at it long enough, and it can teleport between hallucinations.

That’s on top of chasing people over obstacles, leaving an aura of terror behind at generators, and gradually weakening prey with a toxic energy blast. Fun! For the killer.

Sable Ward, the new survivor, is a bit weird at first glance and probably the second and third glance as well. Most of her perks center on the basement, which is a choice. She heals faster in basements and can see the killer’s aura if she finishes a heal in a basement, but the big draw is her invocation, Weaving Spiders. If you manage to complete the 120-second-long spell, generators take fewer charges to fully recharge.

That’s handy, but Sable also becomes broken for the rest of the round. It sounds a lot like a sacrificial bid, where whoever plays Sable is almost guaranteed to get picked off.

Finally is the new Greenville Square map, which puts a fresh twist on the well-worn “small town square” style by dropping a large cinema in the middle of it.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 31 and the Unknown are live in the game now on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch.