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Bayonetta 3 is an excellent action game, with Bayonetta sporting plenty of new weapons and demons for us to play with, in addition to the new character, Viola, and even Jeanne gets her own new 2D exploration stages. It’s a brilliant blend of content, but even if you’ve rolled the credits, there’s still more to see.

Bayonetta 3 includes a secret chapter that only hardcore fans will be able to access. It starts with an Old Picture Book, and evolves into a quest to find three colored keys. In this guide we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know to get Bayonetta 3’s secret chapter.

How to open the Old Picture Book – Bayonetta 3

From the chapter select screen, enter Rodin’s shop. As long as you have finished the game, Rodin should be stocking the Old Picture Book in the Rodin’s Treasures section. It will cost 4,100 Halos in total.

The Old Picture Book needs opening to access the secret chapter, and for that we’ll need three keys.

Blue Key location – Bayonetta 3

Now that you’ve got the Old Picture Book you’ll be able to finds keys in select chapters. The first chapter holds the Blue Key.

In chapter 1 in Ginnungagap, continue through the stage until you come to a left path with floating platforms. From here, do not cross the platforms, instead explore further and find the Blue Key behind a stalagmite. Complete the chapter to earn the Blue Key.

Green Key location – Bayonetta 3

Next head to Chapter 4 in order to find the Green Key. Near the end of the chapter you’ll find a series of ledges and stalagmites leading up to a plateau. Climb the tallest stalagmite and then you’ll need to perform a triple jump to reach the plateau, with the aid of your G-Pillar’s triple jump boost.

If you make it to the top, you’ll find a field of lotuses, and a Green Key. Clear the chapter to keep this item.


Red Key location – Bayonetta 3

The final key is the Red Key, and you can find this one in Chapter 13.

After the hill with the winding staircase you’ll find a stable platform – turn around here and you’ll see the Red Key floating just underneath one of the platforms you just crossed. The Love Is Blue crow can easily fly to reach this key and then return.

Once you clear this chapter, you should have all three keys.

How to access the secret chapter – Bayonetta 3

Once all is said and done, return to the chapter menu and you’ll be given the option of opening the Old Picture Book. Open the book and you’ll immediately start Bayonetta 3’s final chapter.