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The 10 best Flying Pokemon of all time

The best Flying Pokémon should hold all the power of the wind, but have an air of elegance about them

Birds are beautiful. This is a simple fact you must accept before you can proceed further. I always imagined that if I were a trainer type in a Pokémon game, I’d be a Bird-Keeper trainer. Flying Pokémon are more than just birds though – if it has wings, chances are it’s a flying type. Dragons, bugs, and even a winged egg fit into this category, which makes it a strange mix of Pokémon based on real animals, and some truly wild fantasy designs.

Whether they’re speedy and streamlined or bulky and beautiful, these are the very best Flying Pokémon ever created.

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Pokemon Togekiss
Pokemon Yveltal
Pokemon Staraptor
Pokemon Salamence
Pokemon Lugia
Pokemon Galarian Moltres
Pokemon Corviknight
Pokemon Articuno
Pokemon Noivern
Pokemon Talonflame