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The 10 best Psychic Pokemon of all time

The best Psychic Pokémon can come in many different forms, but they should all be slightly mystifying

Psychic Pokémon are an interesting type because there isn’t a good template for how to design one like many other types. Fire Pokémon need to be bright and ferocious, Dark Pokémon need to have a fiendish edge to them, and Dragon Pokémon need to, well, look like dragons.

With Psychic Pokémon, you’ve got a lot more leeway. The mystifying nature of their power means they can look like just about anything, as long as there’s something slightly strange about them. It’s made this a varied list and we rank the best Psychic Pokémon of all time.

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Two Meowstics & Olympia
Galarian Rapidash