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Best Street Fighter games, ranked from best to worst

Which Street Fighter game should you be playing? Find out in our list

The Street Fighter series is often considered the grandfather of the fighting game genre, with almost all character archetypes being offshoots of Ryu’s iconic style. Which is ironic, because the original game is pretty low down in this list of the best Street Fighter games.

If you want to learn the basics of playing a fighting game, you should sit down in Street Fighter, pick Ryu, and just play. It’s the defining way to interact with an entire genre, and all of the rules of the game are more easily explained once you have a degree of mastery over the cast.

Being a series that has been around for years, there are dozens of titles to choose from, and even more when you consider spin-offs and iterations on sub-series. So to narrow down the best Street Fighter games, we’re only choosing actual fighting games developed by Capcom, and we’re limiting our choices to two picks from a sub-series at most, and only if they’re particularly memorable. Now you don’t have to scroll through seven different versions of Street Fighter II.

These are the best Street Fighter games of all time, ranked.

street fighter third strike
ultra street fighter 4
street fighter alpha 3
streeet fighter v
xmen-vs-street fighter ken
capcom vs snk
marvel super heroes street fighter
street fighter ex 3
street fighter
street fighter movie
capcom fighting evolution