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Counter-Strike 2: can you play Arms Race in CS2?

Counter-Strike 2 has launched with the game's classic modes ready to play, but some fan favorites haven't made the cut

While the bomb-planting/defusing game mode has always been the main draw of Counter-Strike, there were still other popular modes included in CS:GO. One of the most played is Arms Race, a mode where you progress through a series of the game’s weapons, upgrading after a certain number of kills.

However, ever since the free CS:GO 2 update officially launched, players have wondered if Arms Race has been removed, and if it has, will it ever return?

Is Arms Race in CS2?

Counter Strike 2 shooting an M4 on Anubis

No, Arms Race is not available in CS2 at launch. The only game modes playable in CS2 right now are the standard bomb-planting modes and Deathmatch.

Will Arms Race be added to CS2 in the future?

Counter Strike 2 Terrorist Team

We don’t know yet whether or not Arms Race – or other modes like Danger Zone – will return in CS2, as Valve has not made any official comments to confirm or deny their plans. We do know that many references to the mode in the game’s code have been removed, which implies that if they are going to come back, it likely isn’t planned for a while yet.