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Dragon's Dogma 2: who should you give the beggar's garb to in A Beggar's Tale?

How to get the best outcome in A Beggar's Tale Dragon's Dogma 2 quest

A Beggar’s Tale is one of the more vague quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2, as you have to stalk the man in question for an entire day to figure out where he supposedly gets all of his money from. There’s a lot to be uncovered about this man’s complex life, but it all culminates in a crucial choice: who should you expose his double life to?

We’ll explain how to track the man’s movements, and what to do once you have the power to uncover his secrets.

Where does the beggar go in DD2?

Dragon's Dogma 2 the beggar standing at the Vernworth fountain

A Beggar's Tale begins by following the man who speaks at the fountain all day.

Of a morning, our beggar friend makes his way to the town square where he tells his tales to the uninterested sighs of the Vernworth populous. He stays there until the late afternoon, at which point he retreats to the tavern down in the slums, where he buys a round for everyone and seems to have something going on with the barmaid there.

Once it gets too late, he sprints back to a small home in the Common Quarter of the city and hangs out in there for a bit. Inside, he changes into noble clothes and runs off to his rather magnificent home in the Noble Quarter, where he has a wife waiting for him.

What you need to do, is wait until he’s changed back into his noble clothes of a night and enter his house, where his beggar garb is sitting on the bed there. Take them, and now you have a choice to make.

Who should you give the beggar garb to in DD2?

Dragon's Dogma 2 Vernworth map

The beggar's house holds the secret you can use to expose him.

You have three options:

  • His wife in the Noble Quarter
  • His mistress in the slum tavern
  • The man himself

If you take them to his wife, then she’ll thank you for doing so, and ask you to return in a couple of days. Do so, and she’ll tell you that she confronted him over it, and he’s agreed to go back to going proper work. You’ll be rewarded with 3 Onyx.

If you take them to his mistress, then she will be heartbroken, and after a few days pass you’ll find that in a fit of rage, she killed the pretender beggar before committing suicide. You will get nothing as a reward.

Take it to the beggar and he will beg you not to expose him and gives you 5,000 gold to convince you. He will make no changes to his behavior.

That means giving the clothes to his wife in the Noble Quarter is the best option, as Onyx is worth just under 3,000 gold each, but only if it’s sold in Vermund. Plus, it stops the beggar’s shady behavior without causing anyone to die.