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EA Sports FC 24 Division Rivals and Squad Battles: reward release times

Check out when the weekly EA FC 24 rewards will be available
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The Ultimate Team mode in EA Sports FC 24 is a source of consistent rewards thanks to its PvE mode Squad Battles and PvP mode Division Rivals. Players can compete in these two game modes every week and then claim recurring rewards depending on their performance.

You can claim your weekly rewards in EA FC 24 by heading to the Squad Battles and Division Rivals tabs at the appointed time and date. This will automatically bring you to a screen where you can choose the rewards you want from the pool of available items.

EA FC 24 Kevin De Bruyne.

Division Rivals and Squad Battles earn you seasonal progress as well.

In Squad Battles, the quality of your rewards depends on your global ranking. Consistently winning matches is the key to maintaining a good position on those rankings, especially as more and more players participate in Squad Battles the closer to the weekly deadline it is.

In Division Rivals, you’re eligible for basic rewards after scoring three wins over other players. Better rewards become available after you win seven matches.

EA FC 24 Division Rivals and Squad Battles rewards: release times

The EA FC 24 Division Rivals rewards become available at the same time every week:

  • Wednesday, 11pm PT
  • Thursday, 1am CT
  • Thursday, 2am ET
  • Thursday, 7am BST
  • Thursday, 8am CEST
  • Thursday, 11:30am IST
  • Thursday, 2pm CST
  • Thursday, 3pm KST/JST
  • Thursday, 4pm AEST
  • Thursday, 6pm NZST

The EA FC 24 Squad Battles rewards become available at the same time every week as well:

  • Sunday, 1pm PT
  • Sunday, 3am CT
  • Sunday, 4am ET
  • Sunday, 9am BST
  • Sunday, 10am CEST
  • Sunday, 13:30pm IST
  • Sunday, 4pm CST
  • Sunday, 5pm KST/JST
  • Sunday, 6pm AEST
  • Sunday, 8pm NZST

It usually takes a few minutes until the rewards become available for everyone, so be patient if you’re not getting them immediately.

When opening the packs you get from Division Rivals and Squad Battles, be sure to watch out for the EA FC 24 walkout animations to spot early if you’ve pulled a great card.