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Fans are already angry with the Destiny 2 Ghostbusters collaboration

The movie tie-in isn’t going over well

Bungie and Sony officially unveiled the Destiny 2 Ghostbusters collaboration, and fans aren’t thrilled with the FPS game’s movie tie-in. The crossover, which dataminers found long before the official announcement, adds a ghost slime-themed Ghost, a pretty generic-looking Sparrow skin, and a Ghostbusters-inspired police car that seems like it’ll be a hoverboard skin or maybe a ship skin.

The general reaction was not a positive one, even though most people knew it was coming. That’s perhaps unsurprising given the Destiny 2 community’s usual antagonistic stance, but there was a common theme in the responses this time: Ghostbusters just doesn’t fit with Destiny 2.

Plus, folks think it’s a cheap bid from Sony to market their new Ghostbusters movie in the game, which, to be fair, it probably is.

“I hate those colabs [sic],” one Reddit user wrote. “Nothing screams Destiny as a Ghostbusters sparrow.”

"Bungie will stay independent,” another said, referring to the assurances from Sony and Bungie following the former’s acquisition of the latter. "Also, Destiny will also be used as a marketing platform for our others divisions"

“This is like the equivalent of putting Nickelodeon characters in Smite,” went one response on Twitter. “Makes no sense.”

Several more versions – some rather less pleasantly stated – of that sentiment popped up repeatedly on Reddit and Twitter, and it’s not hard to see why. When Sony put God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, and Horizon Forbidden West in Destiny 2, the cosmetics actually fit the general Destiny vibe, if not the lore. The same is true for January 2024’s Mass Effect 2 event, and it helps that none of these were blatant advertisements for upcoming products.

The Destiny 2 Ghostbusters event goes live on March 19, 2024. Bungie didn’t announce a price or any other tie-ins, such as skins, but assuming it follows the recent Mass Effect 2 crossover, this particular bundle may be free.