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Fortnite 23.50 patch notes: how to complete Cipher quests

This week's Fortnite patch notes bring us the brand new Cipher quests which will see out Chapter 4 Season 1

What is likely to be the final major update for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has dropped, and it’s decidedly smaller than normal. The current season is estimated to end in a little over a week on March 8, so it’s no surprise that nothing huge is being added right now. Still, there is something you’re going to want to get stuck into, the Cipher quests.

We’ll dive into exactly what these are, and what you can get for completing them.

Fortnite Cipher quests: how to solve encrypted quests

Fortnite Cipher quest rewards

Cipher quests are a new set of Fortnite challenges that will be unlocked each day over the next week. From now until March 7, you’ll get a new quest every day. These, like any other set of Fortnite challenges, could ask you to do just about anything in a match. You might have to score eliminations, drive a car off a cliff, or even just walk for long enough. We won’t know until they’re revealed.

There is a bit of a twist with these quests though. While most of the quests will be unencrypted and tell you exactly what you need to do, a select few will be encrypted. These encrypted cipher quests will be a bit more mysterious, and you’ll need to work out what to do by using certain clues at your disposal.

Once they’re all revealed, these quests will remain completable until March 10, 2023, so you don’t have long.

Here are the rewards you can claim:

  • Complete 7 unencrypted quests – Keep the Peace spray
  • Complete 15 unencrypted quests – Order Up loading screen
  • Complete 24 unencrypted quests – Deciphered emoticon
  • Complete 3 encrypted quests – Circuitry weapon wrap