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Fortnite Myths & Mortals officially revealed as Chapter 5 Season 2

A battle between gods and mortals is set to take the stage for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

After a couple of weeks of build and various hints thanks to the leaks, we finally have the official title and loading screen for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, which will be starting in the next couple of days.

Dubbed Fortnite Myths & Mortals, this season, as has been not-so-subtly hinted at, is all about Ancient Greek myth, with the three main skins in this season’s Battle Pass being versions of Zeus, Hades, and Athena. Leaks have already suggested that four new POI locations will be dropped into the map, and this key art suggests there may be a story of conflict between Olympus and the Underworld.

It will surely have something to do with Pandora’s Box opening in Fortnite earlier this week, unleashing all of the evils into the Fortnite world, and the mosaic of Cerberus players have been collecting the pieces for over the past couple fo weeks.

Either way, we can expect some crazy new items and weapons that will likely mix the ancient theme with the magic from myth. Either way, it won’t be much longer until we find out, as the current season is set to end on March 8, 2024. Epic is yet to announce a live event for this seasonal transition, but we’ll keep you posted if something is revealed.