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Fortnite Pandora's Box opens as Chapter 5 Season 2 build continues

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 draws ever closer as Pandora's Box opened in this weekend's live event

It was an eventful weekend for Fortnite fans, as a series of earthquakes led to the giant flaming Titan Hand emerging from under the ground. There was more to it than we realized though, as this giant hand was holding a giant chest wrapped in chains – and it had a health bar.

The community wasted no time in unleashing all they had on the box, damaging it in every match, whittling its health down bit by bit. Over the course of the next day, each of the six chains snapped until, roughly 24 hours after it first appeared, the final chain broke, the box dropped to the floor, and the lid swung open.

Fortnite Pandora's Box opened

If you know the myth of Pandora’s Box, then you’ll know that opening it perhaps wasn’t the best idea, as all the evils of the world trapped inside have now been unleashed, although they’re not doing much just yet.

Right now a giant glowing orange tornado is shooting out from the box high up into the sky. If you get close you’ll be able to see some ghostly images of demonic hands swirling around inside of the tornado, confirming that whatever’s inside isn’t friendly. However, currently, you can go up close to the tornado to launch yourself into the sky if you feel like it – which is surprisingly nice of it.

This is just the latest step in the build-up to Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, which is set to begin on March 8, 2024. We’ll be keeping an eye on the box to see if it does anything before that date, or whether we’ll have to wait until the new season to see what evil we’ve unleashed on the world.