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Fortnite: all Solid Snake skin quests

Full list of every quest you need to complete to unlock the Fortnite Solid Snake skin

If you have this season’s Battle Pass then a brand new crossover skin has been unlocked in Solid Snake. It comes with a variety of Metal Gear Solid accessories, but you’ll need to complete quests before you can claim it for your own. These involve doing various activities you might expect from a master of stealth.

We’ll go through every quest you need to complete to unlock the Solid Snake Fortnite skin, which will be available until the end of Chapter 5 Season 1.

Solid Snake Fortnite quests

Fortnite Solid Snake skin

Here is every quest in this event and the rewards they give you:

Page 1:

  • Hide in a Cardboard Box for 10 seconds – Lying in Wait loading screen
  • Deal 250 damage to opponents within 10 meters – Stun Knife pickaxe
  • Deal 50 damage to opponents with explosives – Solid Profile spray
  • Deal 500 damage to opponents with assault rifles – ! emote
  • Break 2 security cameras or turrets – ! banner icon
  • Complete 4 Page 1 quests – Solid Snake skin

Complete all the quests on Page 1 and you’ll unlock Page 2:

  • Deal 2500 damage to opponents with a weapon that has a suppressor – Tactical Advantage loading screen
  • Use EMP Stealth Camo 3 times – Metal Gear Mk. II back bling
  • Use a hiding spot in 5 different matches – Hidden? emoticon
  • Assist in opening 3 vaults or hack 3 train heist chests – Slider glider
  • Damage 10 different enemy players before they damage you – Snake Skin wrap
  • Complete 4 Page 2 quests – Old Snake skin