Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Battle Pass: every unique skin

Every unique skin you can earn in Fortnite's Wrecked Battle Pass, including Power Armor and Magneto skins.
Fallout skins are included in Fortnite's new Wrecked Battle Pass.
Fallout skins are included in Fortnite's new Wrecked Battle Pass. / Epic Games

You know what time it is: a new Fortnite season is dropping today, and that means there’s a new suite of skins to earn in the Battle Pass. Last season had the “Myths and Mortals” banner theme, and the theme this time around is Wrecked, and focuses on a mechanical motif, in addition to few skins from the Fallout series, and X-Men’s Magneto. 

Those are tough skins to pass up, so make sure you read through our breakdown below to get all the fancy skins you want in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3’s Wrecked Battle Pass. Images and info are courtesy of YouTuber Shiina.

1. The Machinist

The Machinist
The Machinist / Epic Games

A classic femme Fortnite design with a mechanic’s workshop flair. Not much to say other than she’s looking good. The Machinist is unlocked as soon as you purchase the Wrecked Battle Pass.

2. Rust

Rust / Epic Games

Rust’s outfit feels a bit more punk rock or even Cyberpunk than “Mad Max wastelander,” but it’s hard to deny how simple and cool it looks. Rust is unlocked at Battle Pass level 14.

3. Peabody

Peabody / Epic Games

These three peas are in a pod, but they have individual names: Phil, Earl, and Axle. I don’t know what to tell you. You can get Peabody at Battle Pass level 26.

4. Ringmaster Scarr

Ringmaster Scarr
Ringmaster Scarr / Epic Games

Scarr is apparently a Ringmaster, and I feel like it’s more of a “vehicle destruction derby” vibe than circus animals performing tricks. She’s unlocked at Battle Pass level 38.

5. T-60 Power Armor

T-60 Power Armor
T-60 Power Armor / Epic Games

Fallout’s iconic Power Armor makes its debut in Fortnite, and it looks massive, honestly – but very imposing, and very cool. It’s easily one of the most exciting parts of Fortnite’s Wrecked Battle Pass, and can be unlocked at Battle Pass level 54.

6. Brite Raider

Brite Raider
Brite Raider / Epic Games

Brite Raider’s description is “Drive fast. Burn bright.” Sounds dangerous, but who am I to judge? You can play as Brite Raider at Battle Pass level 70.

7. Megalo Don

Megalo Don
Megalo Don / Epic Games

Described as a “nitro-fueled apex predator,” Megalo Don is the most fearsome thing in the Fortnite wasteland. This should strike fear into the hearts of your opponents when you unlock it at Battle Pass level 86.

8. Wastelander Magneto

Wastelander Magneto
Wastelander Magneto / Epic Games

The final unique skin to earn might be the most exciting: X-Men’s Magneto. Yes that’s right, the Master of Magnetism, leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, and one of the most iconic Marvel villains full stop. This iconic skin is also a part of the Wrecked Battle Pass, and might make it one of the most exciting Battle Passes Fortnite has ever had based on that alone.

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