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Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade locations guide

Here’s where you can find Xianyun’s ascension material
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Cloud Retainer has finally revealed her human form in Genshin Impact update 4.4, wandering the world of mortals under the alias Xianyun. Available on the version 4.4 character banners, she’s a 5-Star unit that opens up some interesting gameplay possibilities – not to mention her irresistible mommy energy that is undoubtedly going to be a draw for many players.

Upgrading Xianyun’s level requires you to explore another new addition of update 4.4 – Chenyu Vale, a brand-new sub-region of Liyue that expands the country towards the northwest, closing the gap between itself and Fontaine. This area harbors a certain gem Xianyun has her eyes on.

Here are all Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade locations where you find Xianyun’s ascension material.

Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade screenshot.

Clearwater Jade is found growing from the ground as well as the shells of these tortoises.

Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade locations

All of this is going to be much easier once you’ve actually unlocked the Statues of the Seven in Chenyu Vale, revealing the lay of the land beneath the obscuring fog, so it’s recommended that you get that squared away first – upon entering the region for the first time, you’ll obtain some helpful traversal powers for exploration to assist you with this.

Here’s the good news: Clearwater Jade is available basically anywhere in Chenyu Vale, though the largest concentration of the gem clusters is found in the south. Clearwater Jade grows out from the ground as well as from the rocky shells of the tortoises found in this region – don’t worry, you can harvest them without killing the animals or making them aggressive. Since this is a mineral, you’ll need to use Charged Attacks or, to make things easier, a Geo character.

Genshin Impact map of Chenyu Vale with Clearwater Jade locations.

Chenyu Vale's southern half harbors most Clearwater Jade, but every gem counts.

Let’s begin up north, for now. Teleport to the waypoints east of Yilong Wharf to grab your first batch of Clearwater Jade. There is one cluster underground as well, accessible from a cavern entrance where the small stream leading eastwards splits off from the main river.

Once you’ve whetted your gem appetite, you’ll want to teleport to the Statue of the Seven south of Qiaoying Village and mine all the gems in its vicinity, heading south towards Teatree Slope. Once you’ve cleared the area around Teatree Slope, you can conveniently follow Yaodie Valley, grabbing all the gems waiting for you along the way. Make sure to enter the caves there as well, as they contain Clearwater Jade, too. Yaodie Valley will lead you to Mount Xuanlian, north of which you’ll find more gems.

Complete this farming run by teleporting to the Statue of the Seven at Chizhang Wall, from where you can readily access the rest of the Clearwater Jade clusters – don’t forget about the especially lucrative haul found under this rock formation on the water level.

Genshin Impact map of Chenyu Vale with Clearwater Jade locations.

Don't forget the underground locations when searching for Clearwater Jade.

Regional specialties like Clearwater Jade take two days to respawn, so you can use the day without gems to farm for Xianyun’s other ascension materials by challenging the Suanni boss located in Chenyu Vale.