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If you’ve just finished God of War: Ragnarok and you’re feeling a little bit deflated after the ending sequence, you shouldn’t. It’s a bombastic finale, but there’s far more to see and discover in the world of Ragnarok, even after the credits initially roll, and there’s a second credit sequence for you to unlock after you’ve cleared through a lot of Ragnarok’s extra endgame content.

If you’re looking to get even more out of God of War: Ragnarok after the initial ending sequence, then you’re in luck. In this guide we’re breaking down everything you need to do in order to unlock God of War: Ragnarok’s final true ending.

Spoiler alert: stop reading if you haven’t completed God of War Ragnarok’s main quest.

How to get God of War Ragnarok’s true ending

The final ending sequence can be triggered after you complete the “A Viking Funeral” Favor. There are two main steps for this mission, making it fairly simple:

  • Attend the funeral.
  • Meet the party at the Sverd Sands.

In order to get started with this Favor, you’ll need to travel to Svartalfheim.

First, you must meet with Lunda, with whom you will honor the memory of a fallen warrior at Raeb’s Tavern.

Once that is complete you’ll need to travel to the Sverd Sands, close to Tyr’s prison. You will have visited this location over the course of the main quest, so it should feel familiar and will be on your in-game compass.

Once you find the party at Sverd Sands, you’ll be able to see a true finale, with a movie-like end credits sequence. Of course, this is still just the start of the adventure.

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