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Your farm in Harvestella is the lifeblood of your economy, and the bigger it gets, the more money you have for upgrades and expansions. Unfortunately, the early game boxes you in quite significantly by placing large rocks all around your starting plot. While you quickly get the hammer to clear the small rocks, it can't touch the large ones until you get it upgraded.

We'll tell you what you need to do to unlock that upgrade, and what the easiest method is to get there.

How to upgrade the hammer – Harvestella

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The key to upgrading the hammer is the Earth Faerie, who will join your farm as you progress the main story. Specifically, you must complete Chapter 3C to find them. While you can complete chapters 3A, 3B, and 3C in any order, you'll likely struggle if you head west to complete 3C first, as you'll be going up against level 30 enemies when you've barely reached level 10.

Once you've levelled up and have got the Earth Faerie on your farm, you'll need to complete six of her tasks, which you can see in th magic book in your farm house. Most of her tasks require winter crops, which can be troublesome if it's still early in the year, however, there are just enough other challenges you can do to hit the required six.

For example you can craft 40 it's and build rapport with other villagers 15 times. You can then build some of the early rewards the Earth Faerie gives like the Mayonnaise Maker to hit your target.

On top of that, tasks can be completed retroactively, meaning you may have already be able to immediately complete some when you unlock the Earth Faerie.

Once you got done six tasks your hammer will be immediately upgraded, and you can smash the large rocks by holding down the use button and letting rip.