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Helldivers 2: Best early game Stratagems

The best Stratagems to unlock and use in battle first in Helldivers 2
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Helldivers 2 is a game about bringing democracy to the galaxy – by force. To do that you’ll need loads of weapons and the proper backup, and luckily, the Stratagem system is here to help. Stratagems are essentially commands for items that can dropped down from your ship in order to help you in the fight. These can be ammo, weapons, turrets, drones, or just plain old explosives to detonate on impact.

There are dozens of Stratagems to choose from, but most of them won’t be available to you as you start leveling up. If you want to know which Stratagems to unlock and equip in the early game, just read through our breakdown of the best early Stratagems to use in Helldivers 2.