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Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise statues: tips for finding every Demiguise

As you hunt the Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise statue locations, we'll give you some tips to help you get them all
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As you wander the halls of Hogwarts and explore every nook and cranny of Hogsmeade, you’ll no doubt spot a strange golden statue holding a glowing blue orb. There are a bunch of these dotted around the world and seemingly no spell can touch them, making them invincible. That’s simply not the case though, as these collectibles hold a great secret.

Eventually, you’ll get a quest from the Hogwarts caretaker, Gladwin Moon, where he’ll ask you to track them down. You’ll be rewarded with higher levels of the Alohamora spell, so it’s worth doing. We’ll tell you how to collect all the Demiguise moons, and give you tips so you can discover all the Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise statue locations.

If you want a full breakdown of every location, take a look at our Demiguise moon location guide.

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Hunt at night

Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise statue in the Divination classroom

Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise moons can only be collected at night.

During the day, these solid gold statues will not let you take their moon no matter what curses you cast at it. Time makes fools of us all though, and all you need to do is wait until night. We have a guide on how to change the time of day if you don’t already know, so you can make it dark in an instant. At night, the statues will begin to glow and become seemingly ethereal, meaning you can swipe the moon easily.

Alohamora is essential

Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise statue in a Hogsmeade shop at night

Many Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise statues will be found behind locked doors.

While you’ll find a few of these statues out in the open, like the one in the Divination Classroom, the majority of Demiguise statues are behind locked doors. Don’t worry though, as the quest where you’re taught about these moons will also teach you level 1 of the spell. This will be enough to get the nine you need to get level 2 of the spell, which will figuratively and literally open lots more doors for you – doors which probably have statues hidden behind them.

If you’re having trouble with getting locks open, check out our guide on how to complete the lockpicking minigame.

Invade people’s homes

Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise statue in a house in the highlands

Lots of people like to keep Demiguise statues in their homes in Hogwarts Legacy.

The vast majority of Demiguise moons are found outside of Hogwarts castle, either in Hogsmeade or in the small villages dotted around the highlands. These normal and reasonable people lock up their homes to keep troublemakers like you out but don’t let that stop you. In a lot of these towns, at least one of the houses will contain a statue, and this goes double for the many houses in Hogsmeade. Thankfully, there are no consequences for breaking and entering in this game, so don’t worry.