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Looking to change whether it's night or day time in Hogwarts Legacy? You can do that with a few button presses. 

Hogwarts Legacy has dozens upon dozens of quests for you to undertake, and many of them will only be available during the day or night. You can’t expect lessons to take part during the day – well, save for Astronomy – and there are some collectible items, like the Demiguise statues, that can only be grabbed during the nighttime. As a result, controlling the time of day will give you an edge in Hogwarts Legacy, and allow you to get quests done faster and more efficiently.

Luckily, it’s also incredibly easy to change the time of day in the game. In fact, it requires a grand total of three button presses. Three! 

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How to change time of day in Hogwarts Legacy

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It is really simple, so let’s break this down in detail.

  • Bring up the map.
  • Press R3 (click the right stick).
  • Progress the time of day.

It really is that easy. This doesn’t swap things to a specific time of day – sorry you photo mode goblins – but it does swap from day to night, opening up shops and making lessons available for attendance. Is that all I have to say about this? Um… yes.