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Hogwarts Legacy: Prepare for your OWLs quest stuck – how to continue

How to get past the Prepare for the OWLs objective that won't appear
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Hogwarts Legacy is filled with plenty of things to do, so when you actually run out, it can feel pretty mysterious. This is due to be fixed in a patch, but if you’ve been playing Hogwarts Legacy and you’re running up against a brick wall – or you’ve run out of objectives – then you’ve probably run into the same quest glitch that many of us have.

When in the “Prepare for your OWLs” main quest phase, it’s common that the quest just stops entirely. It won’t give you another main quest, or any more relationship quests, it just halts. The solution isn’t simply to pass time or complete other quests – the solution is to force the quest to start yourself, and that’s what we’re breaking down in this guide.

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Prepare for your OWLs quest stuck solution – Hogwarts Legacy

You must open Lodgok's Owl Post to progress.

You must open Lodgok's Owl Post to progress.

In the fairly late Prepare for your OWLs quest, which takes place in Winter, it’s entirely possible that you’ll run out of objectives. The quest will become stuck, even if you complete side and relationship quests or pass the time of day.

Here’s the explanation: Owl Post is currently a little bit broken in the game, and certain quests will only become available if you successfully receive your Owl Post. You will actually receive it, but it won’t open automatically like it usually does.

To solve this you simply have to open the Owl Post menu and then go through all conversations individually to check for each new message.

The second objective in the Prepare for your OWLs quest is “Work with Lodgok to stop Ranrok’s plans.” In order to activate this phase of the quest you must open all Owl Post from Lodgok. This will trigger the Main Quest Lodgok's Loyalty.

Once you’ve opened Lodgok’s messages to you, you will find the Main Quest has been added to your quest list, and you’ll be able to continue with the game.