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Our celebrity Dragon's Dogma 2 creations will give you nightmares

From the depths of our tortured souls and the Dragon's Dogma 2 character creator, we bring you Buu, Danny DeVito, and Timothee Chalamet
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There’s just something hilarious about the idea of running through a fantasy world as a recognizable celebrity – heck, I can’t help but refer to Norman Reedus’ character in Death Stranding as Norman Reedus, and it’s a better experience for it. So I was thinking, what if I was exploring the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 as a celebrity, and perhaps another celeb as a Pawn sidekick? Wouldn’t that be fun?

Since Dragon’s Dogma 2 got a “demo” that amounted to the character creator and little else, I decided to challenge the GLHF team to making their own DD2 creation based on an influential figure, and they delivered – in that they made an attempt, at least.

I’m not the best when it comes to character creator attempts – I often just add a few customizations to a preset I think looks nice – so my output was never going to look super accurate, but for the full breakdown of how the team did, just glance through the pics below.

Danny DeVito by Dave Aubrey – DD2

Pay the Troll Toll.

Pay the Troll Toll.

I’ve been rewatching Always Sunny in Philadelphia recently, as it made for excellent background noise while completing the World Intel objectives in FF7 Rebirth. After taking a brief look at the character creator’s potential, I couldn’t stop thinking: “Playing that game as Frank Reynolds would be amazing.”

So, I tried. I really did try. I spent over an hour with several pictures of Mr. DeVito pulled up on my laptop, cross-referencing every part of his face. Maybe I spent too much time on those chubby cheeks, as they don’t really help the situation. In the end, it’s just a very vague passing resemblance, and nothing more.

Buu by Oliver Brandt – DD2

An attempt was made and that's what's most important.

An attempt was made and that's what's most important.

Upon opening the Dragon’s Dogma 2 character creator, it was almost immediately obvious that I had set an impossible task for myself trying to recreate Dragon Ball’s Buu. Nevertheless, I tried my best. The biggest issue was trying to find the right skin tone — Buu is very pink, and surprisingly that was not one of the options available in the character creator by default. The solution was a complex one, requiring multiple layers of tattoos blown up to 400% scale so as to cover the whole body.

With some color mixing and matching between these layers, with various levels of opacity, intensity, metallicness, and sheen, I was able to get pretty close. The rest was just turning weight sliders up to max, erasing my guy’s hair and eyebrows, and trying my very hardest to remove the nose. The only major failing was that I was unable to recreate Buu’s head tentacle, as pink hair is not really on the table, and the fact that tattoos don’t cover the entire body parts they’re supposed to — but some well-placed armor down the line could fix that.

Timothée Chalamet by Kirk McKeand – DD2

Is this Tim?

Is this Tim?

I just watched Dune Part Two, so I wanted to create little Paul, as seen in Dune Part Two, so I can say “May thy blade chip and shatter” every time I’m about to stab a gobbo with a dagger.

The process was simple: make the ultimate twink. Make a man so pretty he looks like he’s been imagined by Midjourney. Floppy hair. Smooth face. Blue eyes from huffing too much spice. Little tangerine for a chin. Narrow nose. Bish, bash, bosh.