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If you’re a real bad witch or wizard and you want to learn the Dark Arts, then you really do need Avada Kedavra. This is the wizarding world’s equivalent of a heinous slur, only it also kills people – which is arguably worse. But that doesn’t mean it’s unavailable for you to use in Hogwarts Legacy.

Yes, you can unlock Avada Kedvara in the In The Shadow of The Relic quest in Hogwarts Legacy. This is a late quest you’ll undertake with Sebastian, and this is your chance to earn the final Unforgivable spell in the game – perfect for a student of the Dark Arts. For everything you need to finish the quest and get the spell for yourself, just read through our guide below.

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In the Shadow of the Relic quest guide – Hogwarts Legacy

Inferi need to be burned before they can be damaged.

Inferi need to be burned before they can be damaged.

You’ll need to meet Ominis and Anne at the entrance to the Feldcroft Catacomb in order to get this quest started once you’ve received it. Anne and Ominis will be outside the catacomb arguing, and you’ll discover that Anne has turned against Sebastian’s dark ambitions.

The catacomb is filled in Inferi – you need to use a fire spell, like Incendio, Bombarda, or Confringo to burn them before they are able to take damage. When you enter head down the corridor immediately in front of you, then to the left down into the main chamber you will have visited previously. Finish off the Inferi in here, then again head down the middle corridor, and straight through down the stairs.

The skeleton stairs need careful precision to place.

The skeleton stairs need careful precision to place.

 You will come to a staircase that will require assembling skeletons with Wingardium Leviosa in order to get up to where Sebastian is. Make sure to use Accio on the handles on the walls to access both piles of bones you need to assemble.

Once you reach Sebastian, Solomon will appear and fight you in a boss battle which you’re also taking care of Inferi crawling around and attacking you. Finish the fight and exit the catacomb with Sebastian to get the opportunity to learn Avada Kedavra.

How to unlock Avada Kedavra – Hogwarts Legacy

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Now Sebastian will teach you Avada Kedavra, and if you’ve been saying all the right things during Sebastian’s questline, this will be the final Dark Arts spell you need to learn.