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The Super Mario Bros. Movie has generated a lot of excitement before its release thanks to a cast full of Hollywood actors as well as the close cooperation between Nintendo, Illumination, and Universal. Fans can now finally satisfy their curiosity about how the project turned out, as The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now available in theaters.

How to watch the Super Mario Bros. Movie?

You should check your local movie theater’s showtimes for details on when to watch the film. If there is a cinema from a chain near your location, check out the following links for showtimes:

How to stream The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Just like with most other theatrical releases, you won’t be able to stream The Super Mario Bros. Movie legally at this point. That doesn’t mean, however, that the film won’t become available on streaming services in the future.

Being a Universal title, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is very likely going to make its way onto the platform Peacock – yes, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and all the others probably won’t be able to offer the adventure of Mario and friends. Welcome to the modern streaming era.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie could be released on Peacock between May and August 2023, judging by previous Universal movies that made the jump to the platform.

If you can wait for that long to see it – critics are mixed on it anyway – and want to play some video games instead, check out these must-play Super Mario games.