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Last Epoch: how to defeat Diamond Matrons

How to defeat the elite Diamond Matrons in Last Epoch

Tough enemies and difficult challenges can make RPGs truly memorable, and Last Epoch knows exactly how to make certain enemies just difficult enough to hassle even experienced players. Diamond Matrons are one late-game enemy type that many players find particularly troublesome, especially when fighting them in a group.

We’ll explain how to defeat the Diamond Matrons in Last Epoch, so you know how to avoid their attacks and when is the perfect time to strike.

How to beat Diamond Matrons in Last Epoch

Bazaar in Last Epoch.

The best thing to do when faced with a Diamond Matron is to fight them alone, this means you should take out any other enemies while avoiding its attacks as best you can. Once the rest of the room is clear, then focus on the Matron.

Diamond Matrons only have two attacks, one is a moving beam that shoots down from the sky. This is very heavily telegraphed, so you should have plenty of time to move out of the way. Once you’ve dodged, keep moving, as the beam will follow you, however, this is also the perfect opening to move in on the Matrons, as they can’t do anything while using this attack.

That said, keep your guard up for the big yellow circle of energy that telegraphs their other attack, which damages anyone in close or mid-range around them. As soon as you see that attack begin, get clear of the Matron and wait until it’s done to start attacking again.