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Last Epoch Prophecies explained

How to join the Circle of Fortune and get Prophecies in Last Epoch

Getting loot is always exciting, but when you’re on the hunt for one specific piece of loot, the grind can quickly get tiresome. Thankfully Last Epoch has a system that – while it doesn’t guarantee anything – can skewer your odds significantly, or at least let you specialize on a specific type of loot.

We’ll explain everything you need to know about Prophecies in Last Epoch’s Circle of Fortune.

How to get Prophecies in Last Epoch

Last Epoch Observatory

Before you can get anywhere, you need to access the Circle of Fortune, which is in the Upper District of Maj’Elka. This means that it won’t be available until Chapter 9 of the campaign.

There, you’ll be able to find four telescopes, and interacting with them will let you view Prophecies you can buy. Prophecies are essentially small tasks that give you a guaranteed reward, which takes the randomness out of loot drops. However, which Prophecies are available is still random. Once you’ve decided what Prophecy you want, you can buy it with Favor.

You can shift your odds though. As you rank up in the Circle of Fortune, you’ll be able to unlock craftable lenses. These lenses will push your odds in a specific direction. Some are specific like greater odds of getting Dagger rewards, or more general lie greater odds of Exalted rewards.

Some players have reported a bug where, after completing all the necessary steps, Prophecies still don’t unlock. Relogging will most likely fix this problem.