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How to use the LEGO Fortnite infinite XP glitch

How you can use the LEGO Fortnite XP glitch to gain infinite Battle Pass levels

To encourage people to try out the new modes introduced recently, the Fortnite team has added some quests to LEGO Fortnite that can give you easy levels in your Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass if you complete them – in fact, simply playing LEGO Fortnite right passively earns you XP over time.

However, there has been a slight oversight with these quests, as it has opened the door for an exploit that allows players to reach level 100 in barely any time at all.

LEGO Fortnite infinite XP glitch

LEGO Fortnite characters in action

With this LEGO Fortnite XP glitch you can reach Level 100 on your Fortnite Battle Pass in no time.

Firstly, you need to make sure you have at least one of the LEGO Fortnite introduction quests still uncompleted on your account. The glitch will work with any of them but the “Build a Crafting Bench in a survival world” one is the easiest.

Then, hop onto a world hosted by a friend. Place your crafting bench then immediately leave the world, and you’ll get your Battle Pass rewards for gaining one level. Immediately join and then leave the world again, and upon leaving you will once more gain a level. You can keep doing this as many times as you want to earn infinite Battle Pass levels, with the only cost being your time.

As with any glitch like this, it will likely be patched very soon now the community has caught wind of it, so if you want to use it we recommend doing so ASAP before it’s patched out.