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Can you have multiple villages in LEGO Fortnite?

Can you settle multiple villages in the same LEGO Fortnite world?

So you’ve leveled up, gathered some NPCs to help you out, and built a utopian village for everyone to live in harmony…what now? Well, why not just do it again? LEGO Fortnite has multiple biomes where you can settle villages, so you can always load up and try starting somewhere else to see how it goes.

You can have multiple villages in LEGO Fortnite, they just have to be a decent distance apart from each other. When we tried to place a second village, we had to be far enough away from our first that, on flat land, we could no longer see the first village. This should be plenty of space if you want to set up in a different biome though.

LEGO Fortnite characters

LEGO Fortnite villages can be set up just about anywhere.

As for advantages, while the progression on your second village won’t be any different, you will be able to gather more NPCs to increase your resource production, eventually giving you endless possibilities for things you can build through the game’s extensive systems. You don’t have to stop at two either, with such large maps you can have loads of villages dotted around the place if you’d like.

Of course, if you're playing with friends, this also means you can each set up your own village if you want, and compete to grow them the fastest.