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Lies of P: all gestures and emote locations

Obtain new reactions for your character in Lies of P

You can find many gestures and emotes in Lies of P. These actions, commonplace in Soulslike games, mostly add a bit of flash and sizzle to your character. However, they can also be used in certain situations to obtain rewards.

Our guide discusses all gestures and emotes in Lies of P, which you can acquire as you progress further in the campaign. Likewise, since you’re already exploring various locations, we suggest finding other collectibles, such as outfits/masks and records. Lastly, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers.

How to get gestures and emotes in Lies of P

A player talks with the Broken Puppet NPC, teaching it various kinds of emotions.
A player receives the Swagger gesture from an NPC named Venigni.
A player stands in front of a woman in a red dress who has succumbed to her illness.
A player is shown talking to an NPC named Antonia.

These are the gestures and emotes in Lies of P. Acquiring all of them nets you the “Learning About Emotions” achievement or trophy.