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Lies of P: all record locations

Obtain songs that you can listen to in Lies of P

Lies of P has several records that you can obtain as you delve deeper into its dark world. There are a variety of methods to acquire them, and some are even tied to side quests. Upon finding one, you’ll be able to listen to a song.

Our guide discusses all records in Lies of P. Since you’re also looking for collectibles, we advise you to visit our guides on outfits/masks and gestures/emotes that you can find while exploring. Lastly, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers.

How to find and play records in Lies of P

A player stands in front of a gramophone with a woman standing next to it.
Lies of P menu screen showing the Feel record.
A player talks to an NPC named Cecille, who’s looking for the Archbishop’s Holy Mark.
A player chats with the Malum District Black Market Trader.
A dead woman in a red dress lies on the floor in front of a player.
The player receives a record from a blonde woman named Belle.
A player shows kindness to an NPC named Red Fox by giving them a Gold Coin Fruit.
A player is shown battling a Corrupted Ogre enemy.
A player is given the Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 record by a woman named Eugenie.
A player looks on at the wheelchair previously used by a woman named Antonia.
A player looks at the nearly lifeless husk that was once Sophia.