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Lies of P: King’s Flame, Fuoco boss guide

Defeat Fuoco and bring Venigni back to the hotel

Even if you have blazed through the rest of the game, you might find yourself struggling to defeat the King’s Flame. This puppet has a devastating second phase which will punish you if you are not quick to react. Still, beating this boss is an essential part of progressing through Lies of P, so you’ll have to figure him out at some point.

Here’s everything you need to know about beating King’s Flame, Fuoco in Lies of P.

King’s Flame, Fuoco – Lies of P

The easiest way to get to the boss is from the Venigni Works Control Room Stargazer. From here you can walk over the pipes and drop down into the room before the boss without getting into a fight. There are some puppets throwing fire here, but it should be easy enough to dodge. The puppets around the entrance here are great for farming Attribute Purification Ampoules and you’ll need them for this fight.

Lies of P Fuoco

Fuoco in Lies of P

The Electric Coil Stick is good here due to puppet’s electric weakness. You’ll want to go with the Fulmis Legion arm too, for some extra damage. To start the fight Fuoco moves very slowly, and once you know the pattern it’s fairly easy to dodge it. In particular, it’s Frenzy attack runs at you in a straight line and can be heavily punished with a few revenge hits.

The second phase of the fight starts off with Fuoco setting fire to the floor. You’ll know it’s coming when it stops moving for a while. You will need to run from this as fast as possible as it will quickly lead you to Overheat. If you do end up in Overheat, use an Ampoule as quickly as possible to conserve your health.

In this second stage you will want to stay as close to Fuoco as possible as it launches its more dangerous attacks when you’re at a longer range. These include throwing tar out, which explode when they touch fire, and shooting fireballs at you. The fireballs are easy to dodge but if they hit a tar pool you’re in big trouble. If you stick to it, then it will mostly use the same attacks from the first phase. Just remember that it can still set the floor on fire.

The final new attack is the flamethrower which is the easiest to punish. As soon as you see it start this attack, run in for a few quick hits. If you are touching Fuoco then you are too close for the flamethrower to deal damage giving you the perfect opening.

Lies of P Fuoco flamethrower

Fuoco's flamethrower

Unfortunately, bringing the specter along by using the Star Fragment outside the boss isn’t much help here, as he doesn’t know how to dodge at all. He’ll quickly burn up wasting your resources.

King’s Flame Ergo – Lies of P

As always you can use the King’s Flame Ergo for a quick 5k Ergo, or you can trade it with Alidoro who you find later on. He will give you either The Holy Sword of the Ark, a Motivity based Greatsword with 140 base attack, or the Conquering Amulet, which allows you to hit very hard following a perfect guard. If you have mastered the perfect guard then this is the amulet you want, but the sword isn’t a bad tool to have either.