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Lies of P: Survivor boss guide

Find and defeat the first of many optional bosses

Lies of P opens up a bit after you reach Venigni’s factory, and there are two optional bosses you can fight here for some good rewards. The first is Survivor, who has hidden himself deep in the factory, and is wearing a Stalker’s mouse mask.

Here’s how to find and defeat the Survivor in Lies of P.

Survivor – Lies of P

The hardest part about Survivor is finding him as this is an optional boss fight but gives you some good loot. It’s easy to get to from the Stargazer at Venigni Works Control Room. Jump off the platform and head right through the door. In the next room, you’ll see a door to the left and lots of puppets hung up. Run through them – if you’re too slow, they will drop down and start attacking you – and climb down the ladder to a hidden room. This is where you will find Survivor.

Lies of P Survivor boss

Survivor is an optional boss, but one that gives some good loot.

Survivor is incredibly fast and weak to Acid, which we don’t have yet. However, he also has another weakness: backstrikes. Equip a fast weapon like Wintery Rapier and it shouldn’t take too long to get the better of him. You’ll spend most of the fight on the backfoot as he’s very difficult to dodge, if you need time to regain your composure, then run around the table in the middle, this confuses him, and he often can’t figure out how to reach you.

He does a lot of spinning during his attacks, which expose his back to you. You will only have a moment to react, but you can tap the right bumper for a backstrike. You will be able to get a couple of quick jabs in here and there, but with five to six backstrikes he’ll go down. If you want to play it a bit safe, you can equip armor that resists piercing attacks, which you can buy from Pulcinella in the Hotel Krat.

He’ll reward you with a new costume and some goodies to level up, so it’s well worth taking him on.