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How many chapters are there in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

How long does it take to beat the latest Like a Dragon game?

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name may have one of the longest names in the series, but it is actually one of the shortest games. Taking place after Yakuza 6, and before, during and after Yakuza: Like a Dragon, it bridges the gaps between the two protagonists and games. If you’re wondering just how much shorter Like a Dragon Gaiden is, read on to find the full chapter list, average playtime, and post-game stories.

Only completing required substories and coliseum fights will likely take around 8-10 hours to complete Like A Dragon Gaiden. If you want to complete all substories, the coliseum and the post-game, this will take around 12-15 hours.

Here is the full list of chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Hidden Dragon
  • Chapter 2: Castle on the Water
  • Chapter 3: The Man Who Knew Too Much
  • Chapter 4: The Laughing Man
  • Final Chapter: The Man Who Erased His Name

How many substories are there in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

The majority of the substories can be found via the Akame Network, and the more you complete, the more that will become available to you. There are 26 Akame Network substories available, though the final one is locked behind the coliseum substories.

There are 50 coliseum matches in total, but not all of them are available when you reach Platinum rank. You will also need to fight the two Mr Try and Hit Me special events after speaking to him in the Gambling Hall and the Casino. There are also three matches unlocked by speaking to the man outside the Coliseum Reception, the woman next to the pool in the VIP Lounge, and the man sat down near the VIP Lounge bar. Completing these three will open up two more coliseum matches.

After completing Chapter 4 you will also open up the fights against the four kings. The one-on-one matches aren’t too difficult, but having a good team in tow is necessary for the group battles. Speak to the recruiters in the Coliseum Lobby, Fighters Lounge bar, Casino, and VIP Lounge in order to get better members, and you can level them up by giving them items in the Fighters Lounge. Completing all four of these unlocks the final Akame substory, and completing that unlocks another coliseum battle.

Once you have completed all 50 coliseum battles, you will have to take on another quite difficult team battle accessible in the Coliseum Reception. Doing all of this unlocks the final very difficult post-game boss. In total, there are 7 additional coliseum substories to complete.