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League of Legends fans rejoice, the 2023 Preseason patch notes are finally here, and there are a few key changes that you should take note of if you’re a die-hard LoL player. Three champions are getting changes and adjustments, while Chemtech is more important than ever, and Riot want to give you more reasons to return to the Jungle.

For all of the details on those changes and more, take a look at our LoL 2023 Preseason patch notes below.

Chemtech is back

LoL Chemtech Drake

Chemtech is back in a big way. Chemtech Drake has seen huge improvements to help you make those cautious, but aggressive plays. When you kill a Chemtech Drake, your team will gain a stacking buff that grants 5% Tenacity and 5% Heal, on top of Shield power. Finishing off the deal is getting a Chemtech Soul, which will make you more resistant to damage and, and let you deal more damage when you’re below half health.

Jungle changes

LoL Jungle companions

The Jungle is a very different part of the map now. Camps are now far more durable, meaning they’re more worthwhile for laners. Krugs, however, is less durable, and has seen 2 Krugs removed.

The monsters in the Jungle have been altered too, and they’ll offer less experience and gold for Junglers. Instead you should pick up that missing gold and experience from the Jungle items.

Finally, Jungle companions will be here to help you out. Mosstomper will boost shields for tanks with each monster killed, while Scorchclaw accumulates Ember to boost the attack of players, and then Gustwalker offers speed buffs.

Top lane changes

LoL Olaf

Lanes have been changed up to make things a bit more even. The top and middle lanes have seen increased XP, while the bottom lane is getting a slight XP nerf. The middle lane is also getting slightly less gold.

Champion changes

LoL Cho'Gath

Only three champions are seeing big changes during this update. Cho’Gath has had R damage boosted, Lillia is now more of a melee character with an increase to base health, and finally Nunu has had Q damage increased against non-champions. Buffs all around, unless you really liked playing as Lillia at range.

Auto-mod overhaul

LoL Preseason 2023 summary

A new automatic mod system intends to cut down on toxic behavior in games. It is claimed that this system will be able to identify nuance between rude and truly severe toxicity, though time will tell how effective it will be.