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Continuing Marvel Snap’s Rise of the Phoenix season is the red-haired host of the Phoenix Force herself, Jean Grey. The iconic X-Men telepath has a variety of uses as a tech card, able to shut down opponents and dictate where they play. So, how do we use her?

As you can see, Jean Grey forces players to limit their initial move to her lane. With this, you can use specific locations to your advantage. Try Jean Grey in Death’s Domain (“when you play a card here, destroy it”) and force your opponent to play there too, taking out both your and their cards. Put her on The Space Throne (“only one card can be played here for each player”) to make your opponent fill up their one slot on that lane and prevent any nasty turn 6 surprises.

Granted, that’s entirely situational, but as well as locations, Jean Grey also opens up some nice combinations with existing cards. For example, dropping Sandman on turn 5 with Jean Grey on the board forces a turn 6 lockdown, with both players only able to play one card in one location. You can then dominate the turn with cards that replicate or conjure new cards elsewhere, such as Doctor Doom, Hela, or Ultron.

For the full deck build breakdowns you need for these Jean Grey strategies, just scroll through our builds below.

Jean Grey Surfer deck build – Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap Jean Grey Surfer deck

Marvel Snap Jean Grey Surfer deck

So let’s slot Jean Grey into two decks that best utilize her ability. First, the Jean Grey Surfer deck.

As a 3-cost card, Jean Grey fits in seamlessly with any Silver Surfer deck. Silver Surfer adds a +3 buff to 3-energy cards. The idea is to fill your deck with 3-cost cards, then deploy the silver-hued Cosmic Herald on the final turn. Jean Grey adds a disruptive twist, though.

She forms a formidable combo with Juggernaut, offering knowledge of exactly where your opponent is playing their next card so your Juggernaught can smash them aside. She goes great with Goose too, who restricts players from playing 4, 5, and 6-cost cards at Goose’s location.

Jean Grey Surfer decklist:

  • 1-cost: Nova
  • 2-cost: Goose
  • 3-cost: Maximus, Polaris, Killmonger, Juggernaut, Jean Grey, Cosmo, Storm, Silver Surfer, Brood
  • 5-cost: Spider-Man

Jean Grey Surfer deck code:


Jean Grey Lockdown deck build – Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap Jean Grey Lockdown deck

Marvel Snap Jean Grey Lockdown deck

Next, the Jean Grey Lockdown deck.

Jean Grey synergizes with the Guardians of the Galaxy crew, who buff your cards when opponents play into your lane. For instance, Rocket Raccoon gains +2 power when your opponent plays into your same lane that turn. Star-Lord gets +3 power with the same ability, and Gamora gets +5. Nebula offers an inverse effect, gaining +2 power each turn your opponent doesn’t play a card to her lane. Using Jean Grey helps you predict where your opponent’s playing, and react to them accordingly.

The other dynamic offered by this deck is control. Use Jean Grey to force players into a lane, then lock up another with Professor X or Spider-Man. While your opponent is busy filling up the Jean Grey lane, you get a free move with both Jeff and Nightcrawler.

Jean Grey Lockdown decklist:

  • 1-cost: Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Rocket Raccoon, Nebula
  • 2-cost: Angela, Star-Lord, Jeff, Daredevil
  • 3-cost: Jean Grey
  • 5-cost: Spider-Man, Gamora, Professor X

Jean Grey Lockdown deck code:


Jean Grey is a season 5 card costing 6,000 Collector’s Tokens. Weirdly, though, she currently appears to be bugged. Despite being an ongoing card, the ongoing-disrupter Enchantress can’t shut her down. The official Marvel Snap Twitter account addressed the weird interaction:

So yeah, if you’re expecting to foil your opponent’s Jean Grey plays with a well-timed Enchantress, maybe don’t snap on that just yet.