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The Gator Zone is the first area you’ll explore in Miasma Chronicles after you’ve completed the opening mission. This swamp, which once housed a theme park centered around alligators and dinosaurs, is a relatively easy region to traverse and has some useful items in store for you – you should make sure to grab and add them to your growing toolkit.

The hunt for important equipment starts right at the entrance to Gator Zone: You’ll find a chest with a new weapon on the top left side of the gatehouse. It contains the KR-002 Tactical Disc, which can bounce bullets off of walls and this circumnavigate cover, hitting opponents from unprotected angles. Quite a handy piece of machinery.

Deeper into the Gazor Zone you’ll find a building with a locked door, which can only be opened via keypad.

Miasma Chronicles: Gator Zone keypad code

Each of the keypads in Miasma Chronicles can be opened with a three-digit code. Clues to the sequence can be found on the keypad screen itself or in the surrounding areas.

In the case of the Gator Zone, focus your attention on the blinking lights below each of the “#” signs – count how many times each of the stripes is lighting up and you’ll have the code. The light below the first digit blinks two times, the next one six times, and the final one four times, giving us the code 2-6-4 for the Gator Zone keypad.

Inside the building, you find the Gator Zone’s treasure – a limited-edition coke bottle worth 750 XP – as well as another essential weapon: a shotgun. This is an especially great piece of equipment for Diggs, which increases its critical hit rate with each enemy in the target area.