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After you’ve overcome the relentless armies of the Horde of the Hunt and destroyed all three of their portals in the overworld, you’ll be altered that their boss, the Beast, has left the Nether and is coming for you. However, unlike the other two bosses, you won’t be told where they are, and that’s because their location isn’t fixed.

We’ll tell you how to encounter the Beast and how to defeat them once you’re in battle.

If you need to know how to defeat the other Minecraft Legends bosses, check out our guides on how to defeat the Bastion and how to defeat the Devourer.

How to find the Beast – Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends Village

The other two bosses in Minecraft Legends both set up obvious bases where you can fight them, but you have to get the Beast to come to you, luckily, it isn’t too difficult.

After you’ve defeated the third Horde of the Hunt portal and watched the cutscene that follows, the Beast will show up to any nighttime assault on a village. When the day begins the village being targeted will be highlighted in red. At nighttime go there and the assault will begin, the Beast should spawn immediately.

How to defeat the Beast – Minecraft Legends

minecraft Legends the Beast

The Beast is a powerful foe who charges around the field. What’s more, it will tear through any walls you’ve set up like they were made of paper. Thankfully, it won’t attack the village’s fountain as long as it has something else to attack instead. This means you can keep it busy with waves of units and the village will be safe.

The best things to fight the Beast are Zombies and Skeletons. Zombies have a lot of health, so the Beast will be easily distracted into fighting them in melee combat. This will give your Skeletons a huge opening to unleash volley after volley of arrows upon them, which will steadily chip away at their health.

Place some arrow towers around the village too. They’re pretty cheap, so you can spam them down nearby to wherever the Beast is fighting. If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, then you can also build a redstone cannon and try to catch the Beast with explosives.

The time limit on this raid will be very generous, so you should have no trouble chipping his health down to zero before day breaks, and just like that the Horde of the Hunt will be defeated.