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My Time at Sandrock: how to get Graphite

How to get Graphite in My Time at Sandrock

Steel Bars are a very important mid-game item in My Time At Sandrock. They’re required to upgrade your tools to the next level and are a vital ingredient in plenty of major commissions and other recipes. Once you’ve upgraded to a Civil Furnace you can smelt Iron Ore into Steel Bars, but you need to mix it with Graphite first.

We’ll explain where to get Graphite so you can craft all the Steel Bars you will ever need.

Where to get Graphite – My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock Graphite

Graphite can be found by digging the dirt in the Gecko Station Ruins. You’ll find these ruins on the other side of the train bridge, which becomes available after completing the quest, In Trusses We Trust. Note that the color of the ground determines what you’ll get out of it, and in Graphite’s case, you want brown dirt with a rocky texture.

The kicker is that completion of that quiet requires 16 Steel Bars, which seemingly leaves you stuck, as you can’t cross the bridge to get the Graphite you need. However, never fear, as there is another way to get Steel Bars without Graphite. We explain all in our guide for how to get Steel Bars for In Trusses We Trust in My Time at Sandrock.